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Welcome to Heart Music Publishing Group (Canada) on-line, and its publisher-sharing partners. On this site you'll find both older released material, and unreleased original demo material by various composers and songwriters. The Archives section of this site is the Heart Records catalogue of commercially released material on the Heart Records label circa 1978-1983. (The label released 38 singles and 6 albums during its six-year existence).

Other newer released and unreleased material will be added in time to the Library, categorized by the Heart Records library, Themes / Masters (for airplay or licensing), song demos in the catalogue, and a growing number of children's material. Various scripts in the library can be accessed by invitation (password/login only).

While the HMGP catalogues have been 'inactive' in the public's eye (ear?) for some time, they have been growing in volume over time, and the time has now come to make selections from this catalogue available to artists, producers, labels, and co / sub-publishers alike, in an on-line manner.

The Heart Records material available for download has been digitally re-mastered/restored, and by request of various radio programmers, various 'A Sides' are now available for download via the 'Library' tab of this site; the singles can be previewed in the 'Archives' section. The Heart Records albums might eventually be digitally re-mastered/restored as well, and they may be available via e-mail by request. We urge programmers to use the Contact page if your station would like the album. (As digital re-mastering of this material can be both time-consuming and costly, availability will be highly dependent on station requests received).

Please use the 'Contact' tab should you require further information. (Please don't attempt solicit your material; we aren't accepting new materials; this is basically an on-line 'archive' library).

Thank you for visiting!


Heart Music Publishing Group
(and publishing sharing-partners)